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A&B Distributors
Products Catalog Page

On this page we'll present a comprehensive list of our products or services.

If necessary, we'll include links on this page to other pages that describe one of our products in more detail. We might use a format similar to this one for our catalog page:


Night Lights

Divine Inspirations


African American Heritage

African Legacy







Bird Housing

Glass Menagerie

Garden Decor


How to Order

In this area we'll include information on how to order one of our products, or a link to the "Contact Us" page if it has detailed ordering instructions.

We're now accepting credit cards online.

There is a $5.00 shipping charge for subtotal amount under $25,
$10 for subtotal orders over $25,
$15 for orders over $50
$20 for orders over $75
$25 for orders over $100
$50 for orders over $200

New York state residents will be charge 8% slaes tax.

Don't forget, when you order our product over $100, you are eligible to receive a free gift. Simply browse through our Free Gifts page, pick one of your choice by including the name of gift along with your orders.

Make checks or money orders payable to:

A&B Distributors
221-41 112th Road
Queens Village, NY 11429

We also distribute World Of Products catalog for only $2.00 per issue twice a year.